What You Need To Know About Commercial Plumbing

If you're interested in learning more about residential or commercial plumbing services, be sure to keep reading our blog post.

Residential and commercial buildings have built-in plumbing systems for water supply and disposal. However, in some instances, plumbing issues such as water leaks and clogged drains arise due to regular water use. According to Businesswire, 13.7% of total water use causes leaks. As a result, companies that offer plumbing services are usually contacted to fix these problems.

Plumbing services are generally divided into two categories: residential plumbing and commercial plumbing. Residential plumbing is necessary for home settings, and the plumbing systems in many homes cannot work properly without it. On the other hand, commercial plumbing services are critical for businesses and industries. Below are some key differences that make commercial plumbing distinct from residential plumbing:


Greater Building Complexity

In comparison to the sophisticated network of a commercial building, residential plumbing is easy to navigate. Commercial buildings tend to have many floors and each floor, in turn, has multiple sinks and toilets that are utilized daily. Commercial plumbers are experienced in dealing with these complex plumbing systems.


Increased Size of Buildings

Commercial plumbing operations are more comprehensive when contrasted with residential plumbing. In a commercial building, anything that goes wrong might damage the entire system and everyone else in the building. For example, a burst pipe on the seventh story of a skyscraper might impact the entire structure. However, in residential structures, the scope of the damage is limited to the affected home. Rarely will a burst pipe in one home affect the entire neighborhood or impact the neighbors’ homes!


Types of Buildings That Require Commercial Plumbing Services

As explained above, commercial plumbing involves large-scale efforts and specialized inputs to fix plumbing issues. Below are instances where commercial plumbing services might be required:

  • Offices: A backed-up breakroom sink or a blocked or overflowing toilet in an office building might attract negative attention and disrupt the workflow and productivity of employees.
  • Restaurants: In a restaurant kitchen, faulty equipment puts food in danger and might hinder the proper preparation of dishes. For example, if the water is turned off, fruits and vegetables cannot be adequately washed.
  • Apartments: Plumbing issues in complexes with multiple apartments could be disastrous since they are rarely isolated, and faults on one floor could affect every other floor in the building.

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